“Any entrepreneur wanting to set-up business in India needs help of an expert. Most people start up in a business mainly because they have a good proposition. However there are many inherent factors like a good business plan, cash flow projections, financial aspects etc which can often be quite daunting to the entrepreneur. The good news is that you do not need to be an expert in these fields to succeed in business. All you need is the support of a team of trained experts.

We at SSCA can help you evaluate your ideas. Our team of professionals will conduct an in-depth analysis on each aspect of your business. The analysis shall be done using professional skill of the highest order.”

Further our team shall keep updating the entrepreneur about the various amendments in laws which shall directly or indirectly influence his business so that he can take informed decisions crucial for his business. Also he will be able to meet the challenges of global avenues. Our services shall also give your business the much needed cutting edge over the competitors.

Our flow of Services:

  • Identifying & advising appropriate type of Company – Private, Public of Non Profit or setting-up a Liaison Office, Branch Office or a Project Office of a foreign company.
  • “Suitable structure for your business (i.e sole-trader, partnership, LLP, company).
    Business Plan which would include converting the idea and vision of the entrepreneur into financials.
  • Cash flow projections, budgets and trading forecasts.
  • Formalities of legal licenses and registration. These include applying for PAN, TAN, VAT registration and also registration under Service Tax and Excise.
  • Setting up of accounting system and processes. It starts from defining the overall accounting framework to designing reports that are essential for conduct of business.
  • Setting up of adequate internal checks and control system to prevent any leakages.
  • All statutory compliance shall be dealt with.
  • Assessing financial requirements and representing before bank and other financial institutions.

Additional Process if Company Structure Suits

  • Selection of available name for the proposed company as per prescribed guidelines.
    Apply for Directors Identification Number & Digital Signatures.
  • Drafting of Objects and Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company.
  • Stamping, certification & filing of necessary forms and obtaining approvals from the Registrar of Companies.
  • Preparation and filing of Prospectus/Statement in lieu of Prospectus, if applicable.
  • Obtaining Certificate of Commencement of business (in case of public limited)”